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    A selection of the best stocks to trade, chosen by using a combination of Fundamental and Technical Analysis SOON

  • Indices Analysis

    A simple, yet powerful Indices analysis using Trendlines and Chart Patterns SOON

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  • STMI

    Speaking of Trading Market Indicator – A unique Market timing indicator designed to gauge Market’s direction

  • STO

    Speaking of Trading Oscillator – A tool developed to identify near-term trends in the Market

The Trading Loop

Stock Selection | Risk Management | Trading

I - Stock Selection

  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • Growth & Momentum Setups
  • Chart Patterns
  • Breakouts
  • Earnings

II - Risk Management

  • Entry Points
  • Exit Points
  • Price Targets
  • Stops
  • Risk/Reward

II - Risk Management

  • Entry Points
  • Exit Points
  • Price Targets
  • Stops
  • Risk/Reward

III - Trading

  • Assess Market Conditions
  • Evaluate Risk
  • Trade execution
  • Proactive adjustments
  • Post-analysis


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The Speaking of Trading Market Indicator (STMI) is in an uptrend.

#WallStreet #stocks #trading #markets #swingtrading #Earnings

STO stands for "Speaking of Trading Oscillator". It is a powerful tool designed to give an extra edge to those that are into Swing Trading. Should be used in connection with STMI, my Market Indicator.

#stocks #trading #swingtrading


Prices change because expectations change. Earnings are what drive stock prices.

#WallStreet #stocks #trading #markets #swingtrading #earnings


The market continues in its news driven-mode. It's a risky ambient for stocks and one should play defense until some hurdles get out of the way.

#WallStreet #stocks #trading #markets #swingtrading

As of now the "Speaking of Trading Market Indicator", STMI continues in "Uptrend in danger" until more clarity from the Fed tomorrow.

$SPX $QQQ $IWM #stocks #trading #markets #WallStreet

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