Why Wall Street is not a casino


For many people these two words “Wall Street” are synonymous of casino. This is why it is a common belief that those that are in some form linked to Wall Street are Las Vegas gamblers.
The fact is that almost everything one knows about the markets is wrong. Of course trading is the business of uncertain by definition and there is risk involved, but when you start to understand how markets work, why socks move up or down, what was the reason behind that explosive behavior, you will start to think (and look) to the markets with a different perspective. There are many variables one cannot control, luck is perhaps the most famous one, but with the right approach, method and discipline a person can be successful in any market. Like everything in life, if you want to be successful you need to study, work hard and be persistent in order to achieve your goals.
If you don’t have a method with sound rules, a proven strategy (or strategies) sooner or later you will end up losing all of your hard earned money. This is the nature of the markets. The markets are designed to take all your money, otherwise the system would not work. It is your job to gain the tools to be one step ahead and beat the market. If you want to have an edge and be part of the % that consistently make gains, the single most important aspect you should have in mind is: have a method.

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